Drow FlowChart, Wireframe, Database, System Design or Prototype

Updated 30-07-2013: (Last Option #4 is the best free)

While working in development  mobile, desktop or web application scope you will need a lot of tools to help you doing your work. I did and used a lot of tools, maybe I cant remember all of them but at least let me write about the tools I ‘m using while still I remember.

So for now I know to free application and using them in Windows. I am not sure if there is a Mac version of them or no.  Any way let me show you the tools:

1 – Dia

DiaDia has a wide usage more that just a flowchart. You can use it to explain any thing by drawing any chart various type of arrows.  This tool is totally free.  I can’t explain better than the publisher website .. so go there and check it your self 🙂

2 – Pencil

PencilThe main powerful advantage of this application is that it can be used as Firefox Add-on, that mean it can run wherever Firefox runs which mean cross-platform. This tool is totally free.  You will find all features and details you want in the publisher website .. go ahead >>

Update 29-06-2011 12:02 pm

3 – Mockup Builder

Mockup BuilderIs another tool to draw charts and prototyping. Like Pencil application (the second above)  this tool could work on browser .. but guess what?! it is not an extension for specific browser, it works directly because it is built as Silverlight application. So you only need to have Silverlight installed in your browser (mostly it will be already installed) it is like Flash. So no matter what browser you are using. I can say it is considered as cross platform web application.  Still there is also downloadable version to install it in your computer. The is free and still in beta .. but not sure about its future ..  anyway .. have a look into the publisher site >>

3 – draw.io

capture_020_30072013_175831It is a very nice free tool where you can draw several types of UML using different stencils, even for electronic circuits.

  • You can use the website without subscription.
  • Can download the file directly to your local PC as a bitmap or vector, in these formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, SVG, XML)
  • Generates HTML embed code
  • supports 30 languages
  • you can login using your google account to save your draw files in the cloud (Google Drive)
  • you can share your draw
  • supports plugins to add more stencils

I really like it .. it is amazing free tool.

That is for now .. =)


2 Responses to Drow FlowChart, Wireframe, Database, System Design or Prototype

  1. If any knows any other applications, can write it here and I will update the post 🙂

  2. mockupbuilder.com please check

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