Clear Saved Login

Sometime I want to access a network shared folder from normal user PC and when I call the computer using \\computer-name it ask me to type the credentials to access the destination computer shared folder, by mistake I type the administrator account Username and Password and even I select “Remember my credentials”

Then I needed to clear this connection session to log-in back with the correct user account not the administrator. So I found that I can use this command:

rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr

it will show you all active session to the computer then you can manage them (Add/Edit/Delete)

also you can use this command:

control keymgr.dll

it will open this page:

I tried both commands in windows 7 it works, I didn’t try on windows XP, but I guess at least first one will work.



One Response to Clear Saved Login

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